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Replay Band® was established in 2010 when we decided to form a band for event marketing meeting the highest criteria. Members of our band are well-known and all-round professionals with outstanding stage performance. The repertoire is original, composed of modern and time-honoured dance hits by Slovak, Czech and foreign musicians, different styles.

Replay Band® has become a brand not only by registrating for The Industrail property office of Slovak republic. It is easy to see that we love what we are doing. Our own standard – top-class musical experience and client´s total satisfaction – has been ecnountered with huge success. We have entertained thousands of people and have hundreds of satisfied clients.




New member of our band, a woman of various (beautiful) faces. Actress and musical actress in Slovakia and Czech republic. She has been acting in the Theatre of Jan Palárik in Trnava. She performs also in Civic theatre of Brno, in theatres in Ostrava, Liberec and in different musicals in Bratislava. She has also worked in dubbing studios.




Singer and diabetic with typical sence of humour. He has taken part in shows Slovensko hľadá Superstar 2, Hit Storočia, in musical Fontána pre Zuzanu in Nová Scéna theatre and RENT musical in Aréna Bratislava theatre, in show Hlas Československa, opened shows for Olympic band Tour. Currently, he has been singing with Replay band.




Passionate moto rider is one of the best bass guitar players in Slovakia. He has played with Peter Nagy, Katka Knechtová, Robo Grigorov, Elán, Andrej Šeban, Dežo Ursíny, Lazaro, Bigband VUS, Bigband Pavla Zajačka, Bigband Gustáva Broma and many more. Currently, besides being Replay Band member, he is also a member of Richad Müller´s band, the most well-known Slovak singer.




Another, very popular member of our band playing piano. You could have seen him as a part of a band playing on Superstar shows, Hlas Československa, he has played with Zuzana Smatanová, Ivo Bič, Aneta Langerová, Tublatanka, Janko Slezák, Misha and many more. Currently he has been playing with Mária Čírová. He also works in music production.


Brano Kociov


Young guitarist from Prešov that you could see playing with Katka Knechtová, Kristína and others. He love delicious food and great sounding guitars. He spends a lot of time in Studio 7, where he record guitars for people like Noah Scott Ellenwood, Andrej Mutňanský, Michaella Papp, Jožo Bubnár aka B – Joey či Robo Papp. Motorcycling is his largest passion and he is also fascinated by dulcimer playing of Ernest Šarközy. This is the newest member of Replay band.




Young and talented player with great musicality and rythm feel. He has studied drumming at music conservatory in Banská Bystrica. His idol is drummer Vinnie Colaiuta. He also gives drum classes. He is a member of projects Aetheron, MortaShuppoplex, Queenmania, Anka Repková Band, Stillbleeding, etc.


Who is Replay band?

Reply Band is one of the best Slovak party bands. All members of band are professional players and singers with experience. So you will have amazing, not only musical, experience. Our goal is easy: perfect top-class entertainment and have satisfied clients, agencies and guests. We play modern and time-honoured dance hits by Slovak, Czech and foreign musicians.

What experience does Replay band® have?

You can see the experience of many concert playing during our performance. On regular basis, we add new songs and different types of programs for you. We want to be helpful with preparing events, weddings,… Replay Band is composed of players and singers with long-term experience. You can see them in media and playing with the biggest stars in Slovakia.

How can I book the Replay band®?

It´s simple! Just contact manager of the band via phone or email, which answers you to questions in a few seconds. Then the manager book the date and she negotiate other necessary matters with you.

What it the fee for band?

The price depends on different factors, such as the lenght of performance or transport. Please do not hesitate to contact the manager.

Why is Replay Band extraordinary?

Our aim is to go beyond our client´s expectation. Every concert is made according the demands from client and we make playlist upon your request. We are responsible, with 100% attitude and always in good mood, also in backstage. If you are organizing an event without agency, our manager can give you some useful hints. Please do not hesitate to read references from our clients, it will make deciding easier (clients/references).

How does Replay band get ready for performance?

The preparation is the basis of success. We will ask you different questions so during event you will take care of the band only from production point of view. We prepare playlist beforehand, choose outfit, discuss schedule or structure of event.

What does typical playing of Replay band® look like?

It is full of fun and good mood, great musical performance and of course final extra songs! Usually, the band plays 2 – 3x40min. rounds. The lenght can be discussed, of course, as the rounds are not the same. We believe that the amusement is the most important part of the event. We try to be interactive and bring new ideas so we can be the right one for your teambuilding, wedding, Christmas party, ball, town celebrations, fair, birthday party or business party.




Vast repertoire and outfits help us to be creative also in this way.

We care about the events as well as organizers and clients.

Musical program can be made according to your wish, including the lenght and content of the program.

Tell us what you want and we will help you to create wonderful event.



No matter what kind of party you organize, with us it will be perfect. From playlist, costumes, accouterment to speech. Valentine´s party, Oldies party, Winter party, Mikuláš, Children´s Day, Hollywood party, Garden party and many more. We are looking forward to creating your event with you. We love entertaining and we know how to do it!


Christmas repertoire: Slovak and foreign Christmas songs (Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Každý deň budú vraj Vianoce, Happy Xmas, Last Christmas, …)
Christmas outfit: band will wear typical Christmas outfit
Christmas accouterment: perfect Christmas party couldn´t be without fire-crackers, artificial snow, confetti,…
Christmas recipe: Let us cook you great Christmas party from the best ingredients: great singers and players, the smell of originality, sweet Christmas atmosphere
Christmas presents: as usual, we will present guests with band home-made gingerbread


Are you organizing Fair, Vintage festival, Town celebration, or any other kind of festival in the streets or squares? REPLAY BAND is the right band for you playing open air festival. With the program full of dance and concert hits which we will make everybody reel.


REPLAY BAND® wants to be part of your wedding memories. Nothing compares to live band music playing and creating exciting and memorable atmosphere. The wedding repertoire, accurate and authentic, is just perfect for your big day. We have played on many weddings throughout Slovakia and Czech republic. It is very important day of your life and we understand the responsibility and confidence. We have played on castles, in hotels, big weddings for 50 people, weddings for famous people (Martin Škrtel, Vlado Weiss ml, etc.) or those less famous. Every wedding is important for us. Playlist is made upon your request, you can choose from different songs and styles so that you will be satisfied. Are you organizing wedding without the help of agency? Let us offer your our performance, technique and great DJ. If the musice is supposed to be important part of you big day, choose wisely…


We are in tune with balls! Let us bring you and your guests the noblesse of such event. Ball songs, grace, elegance, waltz and chansons, we are here to bring you the right and lovely atmosphere.





Richard Jerguš, managing director, COMPANY, s.r.o.

They are more than performers for us, they are our friends, thanks to them every event is even more unique. We know them for a long time but they always come up with something new. So their performances are better and better. All our clients are always satisfied with their program. Thanks to them, our events are full of fun, great music and we wish they would play longer!

Monika&Silvia, wedding agency, A LOVELY DAY, s.r.o.

We are happy that we have opportunity to work together with the Replay band. Their performances are always a great experience, not only because it´s a combination of excellent musicians, singers and wonderful people, but they became also our good friends!

Denisa Mentová Sharpe, bride

I really really recommend Replay band. They have played on our Slovak-English wedding. They made everybody reel, all guests were satisfied. I can´t think about any mistake. I am really glad I have chosen you. Everything was perfect.

Stefi Kamenická, generalmanager, Agentúra KAMI, s.r.o.

Replay band? Nice and funny group of great musicians, who don´t pretend anything, you don´t know they are on event until they are on stage. Afterwards you have fun because they are „addictive“. Perfect professional attitude, great communication with Lili – just the right partner for our next events. I am glad we could work together!

Mgr. Milan Babjak, the owner of art agency MBM

Kapela Replay band really fullfils its slogan „ If you want your guests to speak about your event for a long time, order us“. I can recommend them. I, my clients, foreign as well, have always been satisfied with them. Their vast repertoire is just right for any party or business event. Musicality of its members is on a high level, that´s why I recommend them.

Andrej Barančok, PR manager, AYBEE Production

I recommend Replay Band for all types of events. I have experienced their performance on one jubilee ceremonial ball. Not only client, but I was also very satisfied. Their performance and behavior have assured me of our future cooperation. The best publicity for band is that I recommend them for the others. You can´t say it about many in this industry.

Ing. Miroslav Gažo, managing director ASTRUM LAUS, s.r.o.

REPLAY BAND played in our AstrumLaus hotel in Levice for the first time on Astrum „Black Tie Party“ in february this year. It is a great professional event band, they created amazing and memorable atmosphere all evening long. We were really satisfied, everybody was dancing, we had good references from our guests. The cooperation with the band manager was flexible and helpful, everything was as we discussed and ordered. We would like to thank REPLAY BAND which was one of the main creators of our successful party in ASTRUM Laus hotel in Levice!

Miriam Andrisová, bride

BIG THANK YOU goes for everone of you! Your performance was great! It is hard to believe to somebody else´s recommendations as everybody has different taste, but everybody needs to experience this! After seeing promo video we were sure you were the right one, and it was a good decision. You did evetything you promised, even more… You are great people, musicians and you always do your best! We are so happy you were with us. Thank you. We are already looking for another event where we would like to invite you!





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